12247131_10153728875903844_942212921434961676_nI am Christopher Bradley, an independent journalist, blogger, reviewer, I.T. security professional, privacy advocate, and state certified educator.  I have over two decades of experience in the mass media, more than a decade of management experience, and I hold multiple academic degrees ranging from a B.A. in Mass Communications to a Masters in Secondary Education and A Masters in cyber security.  I hope to be a valued source of information to the world at-large with my blog and reviews. I am a history buff and love to discuss the reformation period of Western European history and its lasting implications on the world today.  

I blog about a myriad of topics and review various activities, products and services.  Some of my hobbies include amateur radio (AA0CB), model rocketry, computer programming, research on and about the dark net, and I am a member of the maker moment and always looking for another cool raspberry project to attempt.   I belong to a number of civic organizations such as the American Legion, the ancient free and accepted masons, as well as industry specific professional organizations such as the information systems audit and control association (ISACA).

Finally, I am a privacy advocate and as such I always encourage the use of privacy tools such as the onion router (TOR), the Tails operating system, and connecting to the internet behind both a proxy and a virtual private network such as TorGuard (see advertisement below).  Again, I would like to thank you for dropping by my little corner of cyberspace and I encourage you to help me keep this blog up and running for free by visiting one the affiliate sites below.  While you are here, check out all the links and pages here.  I offer professional cyber security consultation services as well as on site dj and emcee services and please consider making a donation.  Head over to the PKD section for all the details!